Humanity's response to climate change and related global environmental problems involves many participants, and many kinds of participants.  And there are many inter-connected parts to the response.  CO2.Earth chunks the parts together into eight steps.  The aim is to give individuals an entry point for comprehending the global scale of humanity's response. 

Presenting the chunks as eight steps suggests a step-by-step sequence.  Some sequencing exists but the reality is not that simple. There is a lot of looping back and jumping ahead. You may find that some aspects of humanity's response are missing.  It's just a simplified description that makes it easier to understand the types of elements that make up humanity's response.  The steps are listed below.

STEP 1  Problem Identification

STEP 2  Set Ultimate Objective

STEP 3  Stabilization Basics

STEP 4  World Engagement

STEP 5  World Targets

STEP 6  Transformative Changes

STEP 7  Stabilization Watch

STEP 8  Reflect, Recruit, Adjust, Improve