The world has an ultimate objective to avoid dangerous interference with the climate system.  Prior pages cover some climate system basics and forums to engage for learning, responding and innovating solutions.  What's missing?  What's still needed?  We need to quantify a target and put date on it.  As with anything, this can generate focus and energy among diverse individuals and groups to move quickly toward an outcome that is widely seen as desirable and important.

For climate change, world institutions, UNFCCC member states in particular, have indicated strong support for a measurable target (avoid 2°C) and a date (now and forever).   On the other side of the coin, the temperature trajectory is powerful and will exceed 2°C if sufficient changes in human activities are not implemented soon enough.

Here, 'Stabilization Step 5' takes a step back to introduce the 'avoid 2°C' target, other temperature targets and some other types of targets.  Whether or not 'avoid 2°C' maintains the wide support it has now, it may help to move forward with eyes wide open.  Further, multiple targets may be complementary and useful.