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This page links you to the one printable graphic which shows the latest CO2 levels.   The PDF file is CMYK for printing.   A JPEG file is RGB is also provided for digital screens.  For now, only a weekly CO2 graphic is available.

Created in July 2021, this CO2 Earth webpage has been setup as a future hub for printable CO2 graphics.  As more printable graphics become available, they will be accessible here.


Weekly CO2 Graphic


The thumbnail below shows the latest weekly CO2 Earth display that is available.  To download a full-sized file, click the link below the thumbnail for the file version you want ("print" or "screen" display).  The graphic is updated each Sunday or Monday (local Hawaii time; UTC-10).   

Latest average weekly CO2 level in the atmosphere


Weekly CO2 (for print media)


This weekly graphic is ready for color printing in newspapers and other print media. 

Download Link: CMYK PDF for Print Media (Full Size - Latest Weekly CO2)


Dimensions:                2048 X 1536 pixels
File Format: PDF
Color Mode: CMYK
File Size: ~ 13 MB


Weekly CO2 (for screens)


A JPEG is also available for standard displays online, on TV, in slide decks and other digital screens.  

View & download: JPEG for Digital Screens (Full Size - Latest Weekly CO2)


Dimensions:                2048 X 1536 pixels
Format: JPEG
Color Mode: RGB
File Size: ~ 730 KB


Source Data & Credits


Information below relates to the thumbnail and large image files available for download on this page. 


CO2 Measurements: Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii
Source Data: NOAA-GML
Graphic Credit: Teem Earth / CO2.Earth
Reporting Period: 1 Week (Sunday to Saturday)
Significance of Data: Global


Weekly Updates & Email Notice Service


The Weekly CO2 graphics that can be downloaded from the links on this page are updated each week.   The target for manual webpage updates to be completed is Sunday afternoon or Monday morning (Hawaii local time, UTC-10).   Graphics are generated and uploaded manually by a volunteer at CO2.Earth. Do you want a free email notice of when the graphic is ready?  Just say This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to join the weekly email.  


Share What You're Doing with  Good Your Newspaper is Doing


Are CO2 numbers printed in the newspaper you publish or read?  If so, we'd love to get a picture to see and probably share with the world from CO2.Earth.  Please attach it to an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email.  If possible, please send a good-resolution image (>1 MB) of the whole page.  If not, please tell us the date and page number of the publication.  


Is there more we can we do to help?


CO2 Earth helps people and representatives of organizations and businesses keep the globally-consequential CO2 numbers on display for all to see in real time.  If you can see something that would make it possible or easier to get CO2 numbers on display in more ways, spaces or places, please say This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to CO2 Earth.  Comments and requests are welcome and helpful. 


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Show CO2

Show the trend that you aref tracking tracks vital signs for the earth as a whole.  This site exists to make it easier for people to find the latest readings for earth's leading health indicators like atmospheric CO2.

And the readings for atmospheric CO2 should be seen everywhere.  Anyone should be able to show CO2 readigs.  To make that easy for site owners and bloggers, has a twin website:  This site offers a range of CO2 web widgets that updated automatically each month as soon as scientists release new data for atmospheric CO2.

Samples of the CO2 web widgets you will find at are displayed below.   If there is a design you want to add to your site or blog, click the button to get the html code.



The PPM CO2 widget


 Atmospheric CO2



'The Svante' CO2 widget


Atmospheric CO2



The Rio 92 CO2 widget


Atmospheric CO2



The Charney CO2 widget


Atmospheric CO2



The Act Local CO2 widget


Atmospheric CO2



The Tyndall CO2 widget


Atmospheric CO2



'The MLO' CO2 widget


Atmospheric CO2



The KC Monthly CO2 widget


Atmospheric CO2




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